How To Become A Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Training

Flight Attendant JumpStart is the right starting point and the best place to learn how to become a flight attendant. Our flight attendant training is divided into 2 weeks of home study and 1 week of classroom instruction. For the home study portion, all pertinent educational materials are sent to students via email. Students are responsible for bringing these materials to class for the last week.

Classes take place in our training facility in Orlando, Florida. Our program is all-inclusive so that students can focus on how to become a flight attendant; they will be provided with both lodging and meals. Students will be staying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, Orlando International Airport, and paired with roommates of the same gender. All student meals are provided, from breakfast on Monday up until breakfast on Friday.

All necessary transportation for students in Orlando is fully provided as it is covered in the cost of tuition. Should a student have a car, there is free parking both at the hotel, and at the training center, if they desire to bring their vehicle. Tuition does not cover air fare to Orlando.

We have a strict dress code; business casual attire is required of the students as this is a professional environment. However, as various airlines will be showing up to conduct job interviews, interview-adequate attire is required at that time.

Our classes run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day, but this may vary and therefore a degree of flexibility is required to allow for schedule changes. Lessons run for five days and start at 8:00 AM on Monday morning, lasting until no later than 4:00PM on Friday. Students must attend the entire class to successfully complete the program and receive the letter of recommendation, as well as the opportunity to interview with the attending airlines.

Not A Flight Attendant School

JumpStart Is Flight Attendant Training

This course is geared toward preparing all potential flight attendants for the job and its demands, as well as what to expect when being interviewed by the airlines. Our course is the ONLY such training program owned and operated by current and active flight attendants. This means that the course’s information is always up to date. Additionally, our program is flight attendant-specific, not travel industry-wide as is the case with most other training programs and flight attendant schools. Students will not be required to learn material that does not teach them how to become a flight attendant specifically.

During the training course, students will learn everything about how to become a flight attendant.
They will receive instruction on emergency procedures, safety demonstrations and PA announcements, cabin training, Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s), flight attendant duties, the lifestyle of a flight attendant, time zones, flight attendant terminology, airline vocabulary and abbreviations, airport and airline codes, beverage services, airline call letters, aircraft configurations, flight attendant history, aviation etiquette, and customer service practices (scenarios, service recovery, etc.). Students will also be coached on how to proceed during interviews.

Once this training course is completed, students will still be required to successfully complete the FAA mandatory in-house training program at the airline that hires them.

JumpStart employees a nationally renowned airline interviews coach to prep students before airline interviews.  The course does provide the opportunity for hiring airlines to visit the JumpStart facility to interview and recruit future flight attendants.  Jumpstart does not guarantee students getting a job or being hired immediately after completing the course, but we do provide you with the knowledge of how to become a flight attendant and present our students with the opportunity to potentiality get hired during the airlines interviews process at the end of our course.

Become A Flight Attendant

When it comes to learning how to be a flight attendant, JumpStart is the best. Get the most up-to-date flight attendant training from the best in the industry. We provide you with all the tools to set you on the path to success. Don’t waste another moment and give JumpStart a call today!