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Flight Attendant JumpStart is the ONLY flight attendant training program that is taught by current and active flight attendants! Our instructors are highly accomplished. They provide a wealth of experience and information that is priceless for any aspiring flight attendants who wish to have a successful career in the aviation industry. With our team behind your training, no flight attendant interview questions will stump you. These are the people whose flight attendant resume’s will make yours that much greater.


Lead Flight Attendant Training Instructor


Nancy Piastuch

Not just the CEO & Director of Academics, but also the Lead Flight Attendant Training Instructor at Flight Attendant JumpStart, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Nancy has been around the aviation field her entire life. Being part of the 4th generation in her family to have made a career within the aviation industry, you would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and suitable person to prepare future generations of flight attendants.

Nancy had her humble beginnings in the field of aviation when she started working in her family’s FAA Certified Repair Station, Penn Yan Aero. The multiple advantages of growing up with a background in aircraft engine manufacturing and maintenance, allowed her to develop in the business, and eventually move on to manage multiple locations of their wholesale warehouse distribution centers.

In addition to being a current Flight Attendant, Nancy is a certified Travel Agent, has a degree in Travel & Tourism and a degree in Technical Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. An entrepreneur at heart, Nancy also owns two other businesses: Girls Fly Too! and Alluravia Travel. Girls Fly Too! is a business that specializes in aviation apparel and accessories for girls of all ages, and Alluravia Travel is a Travel Agency that assists clients in finding and booking their perfect vacation. A thoroughly accomplished business woman, she is a charter member and former President for the Central Florida Chapter of Women in Aviation, championing the cause for women in the entire field of aviation.

Nancy took her first steps into her Flight Attendant career after graduating from the predecessor to our program in 2008. As many flight attendants do, she began working at a smaller airline, spending several years as a flight attendant for a Delta regional carrier based in Atlanta. Today, she is happily employed as a Flight Attendant for a major airline, and is based in Orlando. Originally from Penn Yan, NY, she has lived in Orlando for over 20 years. As with all great people, Nancy doesn’t just spend her time teaching students how to be the best of the new generations of flight attendants. She and her husband Jim have four grown children and two little floofy dogs. They enjoy traveling the globe, volunteering in the local community, and spending time with family and friends.

Flight Attendants Admission Counselor


Dara Vandevoir

Dedicated to the empowering formation of new flight attendants, Dara is both CEO and Director of Admissions. She has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies from Indian River Community College, and is a long-time flight attendant, making her a perfect fit to teach at Flight Attendant JumpStart.

Dara began her flight attendant career with Republic Airlines and is currently employed by a major US carrier. Originally from Memphis, TN, Dara is now based in Orlando and has resided here for about 25 years.

Her acumen in the field doesn’t stop there, as Dara is also an Instrument Rated Private Pilot, making her supremely qualified for her role in shaping flight attendants at FAJ. In her spare time, Dara enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, and her two cats. She is a BIG NFL fan, likes boating and skiing on the local lakes, and enjoys volunteering on a regular basis with mentally, physically, and emotionally challenged children at the Morning Star School.

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