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There are a variety of flight attendant schools and training programs, but not all are equal, and not all are as focused and streamlined as Flight Attendant JumpStart. Flight attendant school cost is a true investment, and our flight attendant training program is the quickest, best, and most cost-effective choice available.

At JumpStart, we have taken great care to make our training course as time-effective and complete as is possible, while also making sure there is no filler subject matter, which is not normally the case with Flight Attendant schools. We have taken every step to ensure that every one of our students is fully prepared to take on the demands of a flight attendant career, meeting all the flight attendant requirements.

Flight Attendant Training

We are the ONLY flight attendant training program owned and operated by current, active flight attendants. Our course is ALWAYS up to date with today’s information, making sure that our students receive no obsolete instruction.

Other programs are not as focused and cover the travel industry more generally. They teach information that is not pertinent to flight attendant hopefuls, as their courses cover other positions in the travel industry at large. This means that flight attendant school costs can vary greatly as well as the quality of the courses being taught. JumpStart has painstakingly modified the course curriculum to make it the best and most focused, so that students waste no time in getting to their ultimate destination as quickly and effectively as possible: landing a flight attendant career.

While our course is a complete training curriculum and leaves no information out, all students who are hired will still have to go through an FAA mandatory in-house course at the airline that hires them in order to receive their FAA Flight Attendant License.

Many airlines visit our program to interview and hire our students as flight attendants. A great percentage of our students leave with job offers and training dates in the wings. Many more receive offers within 30-45 days. However, no training program can fully guarantee that any student will be hired.

We specialize in providing the best possible training, equipping students with the most useful skills and an education that will prove valuable regardless of where they choose to go in life.

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Many of the other school’s curriculum is designed to bog students down with information that is simply unnecessary to secure and develop a flight attendant career. This also means paying more for less value. At Flight Attendant JumpStart, you get nothing but focused, on-point, flight attendant training. We lower the overall flight attendant school cost by ensuring students fulfill all the flight attendant requirements, saving you time and money so you can start your career as soon as possible.

Start on the path to your dream job and call JumpStart today!



Hired by SkyWest Airlines

I honestly think I would have taken a lot longer to get this job if I had not attended this course. The interview and training was not an easy process but the course gave me all I needed to get through it. I got the job on my first try using everything I learned in the course. I love this job and am thankful that these guys offer a course that helped me get here.



Hired by PSA Airlines

Attending Flight Attendant JumpStart was the best choice I could have made before beginning this new career. Our instructors, Nancy, Dara and Margarita, were amazing, offering a realistic view of what this job entails so I could make a good decision as to whether it was the right job for me. I was hired after my very first interview and the job is everything they said it would be.



Hired by Republic Airways

Absolutely wonderful experience! After attending this program, I now have the upper hand in getting great jobs and a head start in my career as a flight attendant!



Hired by GoJet Airlines

This program is worth the money and time. They help you with everything that has to do with Flight Attending, and give you a real look at what is to come when you become a flight attendant. They give you all the tools you would need in moving forward in this industry. A lot of people don’t know where to start – this course should be everyone’s first step! Thank you so much!



Hired by PSA Airlines

Thank you for all you did for us. I love this class sooo much and I highly recommend it to anyone!



Hired by Piedmont Airlines

I owe it all to JumpStart!