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How We’re Different

Many other flight attendant training programs and schools only offer a travel industry-related curriculum, which you don’t need to begin a career as a flight attendant. Our program at Flight Attendant JumpStart is unlike any other in the industry, because actual working flight attendants are also your instructors!

About the Program

We are an all-inclusive, one-week flight attendant training program. It includes lodging from Sunday through Thursday, and meals from breakfast on Monday, through breakfast on Friday. Students stay at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, Orlando International Airport, where you will to be paired with roommates of the same gender.

What You’ll Learn

Our program teaches you only what you need to know about the job, and how to land a job. Once you have been hired by your airline, you will still need to complete their FAA mandated in-house training program and pass a minimum of five operating hours to become a licensed flight attendant.

Our Flight Attendant Training Program is the Only One of Its Kind

Experienced Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant Training From Active Flight Attendants

Flight Attendant Training Orlando

Ask us about our collaboration with PSA Airlines and what this means for our students!

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Your Fast Track Flight Attendant Career Connection

Our flight attendant course jump starts your flight attendant career! We educate you on your flight attendant career choices and we prepare you for your interviews.

Current flight attendants will make sure that you are ready for the FAA mandated training your employing airline will require, so that you will be successful with your flight attendant career. The airlines know the flight attendant training you receive here at JumpStart!

Hiring airlines know that when you pass the JumpStart flight attendant course, that you will be prepared to pass their challenging flight attendant training requirements. Flight Attendant JumpStart is economically priced, provides real life scenario flight attendant training from current flight attendants, and our flight attendant course is a lot of FUN!

New To The Workforce?

Learning about a new industry, receiving job training, and interviewing, can all be intimidating. The JumpStart flight attendant course covers all aspects of getting hired and you will feel comfortable starting your flight attendant career.

Re-Entering The Workforce

It is quite common for people to change occupations at least once in their lifetime. Whether you have spent years at home raising a family, have retired from a career in the business world, or find that you aren’t ready to retire just yet, re-entering the workforce can be an overwhelming prospect. Let the current flight attendants of JumpStart prepare you on what to expect and give you the resources for a successful flight attendant career.

Thinking of a Career Change

Our flight attendant training program is an intense, thorough, and concentrated course designed to teach you everything you need to know to land a flight attendant career-without having to go back to school.

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